Kim Carey has a long-standing interest in spirituality. Raised a Catholic she then, as a teenager, immersed
herself in Existential literature.

In the mid 1970's she became interested in Yoga and Eastern Religions and in the late 1980's was introduced
to Tibetan Buddhism. Kim spent one year of her life meditating on the 13 Original Clan Mothers and the teachings
of Jamie Sams and has a long- standing interest in shamanism, mythology and psychology. She has been greatly
influenced by the work of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Sogyal Rinpoche, Peter Kingsley and
Steven Levine.

Kim is a writer, photographer and poet. She has travelled the world extensively, including touring solo as a young
woman in Europe and the Middle East and later flying for many years as an international flight attendant, which
allowed her the privilege to connect with the spirit, culture, people and the natural surrounds in countries all over the
world. Kim is a healer. For eleven years she studied and practiced Somatic Psychotherapy and is constantly inspired by
the works of David Boadella and Gerda Boyesen.

Kim has a strong connection with nature which includes a daily ritual of long walks and being in the sea. Here she finds
solace and swims like a dolphin. The ocean is her instinctual home. Kim's deep connection with the earth, her spiritual
practice and extensive travels around the worid inspire all of her writing and her life.
Kim Currently lives in Byron Bay, Australia

Desert Secrets is Kim's third feature length screenplay.

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